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What is Nifty Cinema™?

Nifty Cinema™ is a decentralized application (dApp) designed to assist in the buying, selling, and trading of film-related NFTs (non-fungible tokens) through our digital marketplace interface.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token that is a unique digital cryptographic representation of digital or physical items, including artwork, writings, music, videos, apparel, or collectibles. They can also represent other valuable intangible assets e.g. intellectual property, licensing rights, copyrights, trademarks, access, memberships, etc.

What is minting?

Minting is a special technique for publishing NFTs to the blockchain, thus creating a unique, traceable digital asset that can be bought, traded, or sold in decentralized marketplaces.

What type of NFTs does Nifty Cinema™ mint?

Nifty Cinema™ mints film and film-related content. This includes any stage from pre-production thru distribution and licensing. This includes movies, short films, series, documentaries, and more.

What is the difference between a verified account and non-verified account?

Verified accounts go through an additional platform authentication process and receive a badge that allows for buyers to distinguish verified accounts from standard accounts.

What is a “lazy mint”?

“Lazy minting” allows the seller to list the NFT without paying for the gas fees upfront. Instead the buyer pays for the minting fees at the time of purchase.

What is NFT licensing?

There is a licensing / terms of use input field for creators / sellers and licensing review tab for buyers. Intellectual Property (IP) protects original works of the mind, such as literary and artistic works, designs, and more. The NFT Intellectual Property License Agreement is a legally binding document that details the terms and conditions between the Owner of IP and an NFT Licensee to license the right to create nonfungible tokens (“NFTs”). This NFT contract covers the essential elements of the relationship such as:Length of TermCompensationOwnership RightsRepresentations and WarrantiesAnd More.Creating a contract ensures that the parties making the agreement will have all the proper terms and conditions laid out in advance of the engagement. This information will be added to the NFT metadata when it is minted to the blockchain.

What is “Fan Art”?

This is artwork done by fans that is not licensed by the original creator or owners of that intellectual property. It is typically done as a tribute or homage to the original creative work and thus is for personal or private use. Fan Art cannot be listed for sale on Nifty Cinema™, but can be minted for personal enjoyment or private purposes not affiliated with the licensed owner(s) of the IP.

How to get Verified in Nifty Cinema™ App?

Go to your dashboard, select the settings tab in the left menu and go to the profile tab, click on the account verification button, fill out the form and click submit. If your account verification request is approved then you’ll own a Nifty Cinema™ Distinction Badge.

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